Upgrades and Accessories

If you have an older frame that is mechanically sound, but has ageing or failed electronics or limited functionality, Phoenix can offer upgrades and re-purposing which could include:

  • Retrofitting of the Phoenix Alpha Digital Control System to single, dual or multi axis test machines including full frame re-wiring to the latest standards. The Alpha system includes the full Phoenix software suite and data acquisitions capabilities to maximise the functionality of your test machine.
  • Environmental testing – Phoenix designs and manufactures a range of environmental chambers suitable for testing in various atmospheres including inert gas, corrosive gas or vacuum.
  • Accessories – Phoenix can supply and fit a range of accessories including, induction heating, furnaces, extensometry, mechanical or hydraulic grips, loading bars or other instrumentation and tooling as required to suit your requirements.

These services are not limited to Phoenix and ESH machinery, they can be fitted to any make of test machine.


"The refurbished frame with new control system has allowed us to be more cost effective while also furthering the capabilities of the whole testing set up”

Harpinder Phull
Technical Project Manager
Aeromet International PLC

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