Thermo Mechanical Fatigue

Phoenix offers a range of systems to give controlled heating and cooling profiles, the exact specification will depend upon the temperatures and rates required by the customer.

These can be phased in sync or out of sync with other modes of control using the Phoenix Alpha Digital Control System and Thermo Mechanical Fatigue (TMF) software.

The Phoenix TMF software allows the operator to select internal (hollow samples), external or combined air cooling, or a variation of these at operator selected points throughout the test.

Where TMF testing is required the Phoenix Alpha digital control system will be a dual axis system, the second axis will be designated for temperature control, this allows for full closed loop control and limits to be programmed by the operator as required.

The system is supplied with a pyrometer for closed loop control of the test temperature.

Phoenix can supply a pyrometer that automatically compensate for emissivity changes due to oxidisation and surface changes during the test, this is quoted as an option.

The full integration of the temperature control into the machine control system ensures it can be synchronised with any other mode of control (load, strain) as required.

Phoenix can supply a complete TMF system including frame and hydraulic power pack, alternatively we can fit Thermo Mechanical Fatigue controls and heating to an existing hydraulic fatigue test machine frame of any make.

This system will include:

  • Induction heating system
  • Pyrometer
  • High temperature loading rods (if required)
  • Environmental Chamber (if required)
  • Phoenix Alpha Digital Control System
  • Hydraulic fatigue frame (if required)
  • Hydrauilic power pack (if required)

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