Test Lab Equipment

The key deliverable of any testing service is data, when you are testing a sample or product where there are limited quantities available, or they are expensive, getting the most accurate and repeatable data is critical.

The Phoenix Alpha Digital Control System is equipped with National Instruments™ processing, giving a control loop rate of up to 40kHz, ensuring that the Phoenix system offers the most accurate control and best data acquisition rate possible.

The Phoenix software suite is fully written and supported in-house, and includes programmes written to meet international standards (Tensile, TMF), to allow simple manual control or the ability to write unique and complex test programmes for R&D testing.

For further details on the Phoenix software range please click here.

The Phoenix Materials Testing Lab is equipped with hydraulic test machines with capacities ranging from 120N up to 1.6MN.

The Bench top test machine (2kN-120N) can operate at frequencies of up to 200Hz, or single shot tests at up to 7ms-s, and has been used for test as varied as dispensing pre-filled syringes to testing of electrical connectors.

This machine is ideally suited to Small Sample Testing Techniques and has been used for carrying out Small Punch Creep Testing, as well as elevated temperature three and four point bend testing of miniaturised ceramic and high temperature alloy samples.

The 1.6MN test frame has four columns with a clearance of 560mm x 750mm, and vertical daylight of 1750mm enabling testing of large samples and assemblies.

The Phoenix test lab is equipped with some of the latest technology including:

  • Thermal imaging camera combined with Phoenix software to give real time multi zone temperature closed loop control
  • Laser pyrometry measuring up to 1600°C, capable of automatically compensating for emissivity changes of the material surface due to oxidisation and surface changes during the test
  • 15kW Induction heating system
  • Infra-red emitters to heat samples up to 1000°C
  • Air amplifiers to enable controlled cooling rates by either external cooling or internal cooling for hollow samples
  • Phoenix Environmental Chambers suitable for testing under vacuum, inert gas or corrosive gas environments
  • Three zone furnace for heating up to 1200°C, the bore is 150mm diameter enabling elevated temperature testing of larger samples, components and assemblies
  • High temperature extensometers
  • Other heating methods include hot air, temperature controlled water baths giving control from -10°C up to 70°C.

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