In order to get the best performance and long term reliability from your materials testing machines, as well as making sure you comply with relevant H&S legislation, you should ensure that it is regularly serviced and maintained.

For customers who do not have in house engineering support Phoenix offers a range of options, from basic annual servicing, through to a full ongoing programme including changing of consumable items, such as filter elements and hydraulic oil, and monitoring and reporting of the system condition, hoses, accumulators, servo valves, as required.

For customers who have in house engineering capability, but wish to have training on the correct preventative maintenance techniques and intervals, we can offer on-site training to your engineers.

Where customers have multiple machines on a single hydraulic ring main, Phoenix can fit an oil monitoring system that can automatically measure and report levels of water or particle contamination in the oil.

Although ring mains and the frames themselves should all be fitted with filters, oil monitoring can give an invaluable early indication of a problem on part of the system and protect the rest of the machines, saving the customer lengthy downtime and the risk of contamination throughout the system.

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