Service, Maintenance, Repair

These services are not limited to Phoenix and ESH machinery, we also look after Zwick, Instron, MTS, Mayes, Mand, Dartec, Schenck and Mecmesin systems.

  • Servicing - Replacement of consumable items and monitoring of the system condition
  • Control system upgrades  – We can retro fit single, dual or multi axis control systems
  • Re-sealing – We can re-seal actuators of any size
  • Repair – We will repair your equipment if it is viable to do so, if not we will give you upgrade options
  • Re-location – We can relocate machinery for you and re-calibrate in the new location
  • Re-purpose – We can add a second actuator or add accessories to your existing machine to suit your required purpose
  • Accessories – We can fit an environmental chamber, induction heater, furnace or other instrumentation and tooling as required to suit your requirements

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