Product Testing

Not all testing is carried out on machined samples or coupons, we also offer Product Testing on complete component parts or even full assemblies. Our customers may be testing existing parts for quality control purposes, to meet the requirements of an International or customer standard, or benchmarking a new design, material or manufacturing process to make key business decisions about potential changes or improvements.

Product testing provides an accurate measurement of a product's performance, safety, quality, and compliance with recognised standards. The tests that we provide are independent from any interested party, ie the manufacturer or distributor and results are traceable to international standards through our UKAS flexible scope accreditation.

The Test Laboratory team work closely with our customers to establish what data is required and how the part or assembly needs to be tested. This is especially important when we are testing product prototypes, where the testing has never been done before and the requirements have to be defined from scratch.

Our equipment includes hydraulic test machines and instrumentation for tension, compression, fatigue and bend tests at ambient or elevated temperatures as well as rigs specifically designed for wire torsion testing.

We have a wide range of fixtures including compression platens up to 750mm x 1010mm, fixtures for testing full sized bolts up to M42 or 1 5/8” (UTS, Tensile, Wedge and Proof loads), proof loading of nuts up to M42 or 1 5/8”, 3 and 4 point bend fixtures with an adjustable roller span up to 1000mm, as well as a variety of mandrels and adaptors to fit your product into our test machines.

If we do not already have the fixture or brackets, our in-house team can design and manufacture the parts to suit your specific needs.

The machine capacities can cover test loads from 120N up to 1600kN. The largest machine has a clearance of 750mm between the front columns, a bed depth of 950mm, and vertical daylight up to 1750mm, enabling us to test very large samples and assemblies.

Examples of Products and assemblies we have tested in our laboratory include:

  • Full-sized fasteners / bolts (M27, M30, M33, M36, M39 and M42, or 1 1/8” up to 1 5/8”)
  • Nuts (M27, M30, M33, M36, M39 and M42, or 1 1/8” up to 1 5/8”)
  • Pre-filled syringes
  • High strain rate, failsafe, electrical leads
  • Geocellular water management units
  • Saddles
  • Dog Leads
  • Automotive wishbone assemblies
  • Hub pullers for automotive production lines
  • Rail carriage connector hooks for freight trains
  • Chains

How We Work

Our expert engineers work closely with each customer to ensure that all tests and test programmes comply with the test standards, or closely reproduce actual service conditions as required. This includes defining the correct mounting, loading paths and rates, correct location of instrumentation, as well as any heating or cooling methods and rates that may be required, to avoid generating any inaccurate or misleading data.

We can work to a customer’s own in-house or end-user’s specification, if a detailed test specification is not available, our team will offer expert guidance on defining the test, as well as designing fixtures and instrumentation.

We provide a complete contract review for each test, with the specific technical work procedure documented and approved by the customer prior to starting any job. If requirements alter during a test based on the initial results, this is agreed and documented accordingly

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