O Ring Product Testing - Wolfclip UK

The Wolfclip team and the Test Lab have been in discussion since early 2019 following an initial meeting to discuss whether they had the capability to achieve the customer’s requirements. Once the technical work procedure had been agreed, a deadline was agreed for April 2019. All deadlines were met, and all tests were completed to the customers’ satisfaction, providing the key data they required. This has been an interesting project for the Test Lab engineers as the product is unique and testing is rarely carried out on dog clips.

The Test Lab engineers developed bespoke brackets for the Wolfclip test samples, which were designed in-house by Tom Bishop, and fabricated by our mechanical team. The brackets were then approved by the customer. As with any product testing, it is critical that the bracketry is suitable, and fits both the test sample and the test machine it is to be used on. The Wolfclip UK team had great confidence in the end product and have now incorporated the new bracket design into their market expansion planning. In their customer trials, the design has achieved excellent feedback from Wolfclip UK customers.


"Choosing Phoenix Materials Testing Ltd was simple; they were the only testing facility we could find that were able to fulfil our testing criteria for a reasonable price. Phoenix Materials Testing Ltd operated with the highest level of professionalism throughout the entire process, communication was fast and precise whilst being friendly and informative. Overall, It was a pleasure using the services provided by Phoenix Materials Testing Ltd as they delivered our bespoke testing services on time and to an excellent standard. We highly recommend their services.”

John Draisey
Company Director
Wolfclip UK

Wolfclip UK is the manufacturer of unique dog clips that attach to dog collars. This innovative clip is designed to help elderly dog owners, who may have difficulty using conventional dog clips. Wolfclip is ideal for people with arthritis and also the visually impaired as the housing is easy-to-use with its ‘click and go’ release mechanism.

Wolfclip was first introduced into the UK in 2017 and has undergone rigorous testing prior to its 2019 launch.

Further Wolfclip UK product information can be found at www.wolfclipuk.co.uk

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