Phoenix Develops High Containment Compaction Simulator

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Are you trying to assess potent compounds and formulations for compaction and tabletability behaviour? Do you need to protect your operators without the use of bulky PPE?

The new Phoenix High Containment Compaction Simulator is fast, effective, and simple to use.

Phoenix is currently developing the next generation of fully integrated, high containment compaction simulators. The new system will not have a bolt on containment solution, it will be fully designed and integrated from the start, making it streamlined and effective. The containment system will incorporate airlocks and glove boxes and include full "clean-in-place" capability.

The system will also include automatic tablet weight, thickness and hardness measurement inside the contained area, minimising the need for operators to handle the tablets.


  • Automatic tablet weight, thickness and hardness measurement options
  • Incorporated airlocks and glove boxes, reducing the need for bulky PPE
  • Light guards to provide additional safety measures during operation
  • Includes "clean-in-place" capability 

We also offer 30L, 30F and 60F compaction simulators and a full range of accessories including adhesion punch, intelli-punch, high capacity instrumented die, and temperature controlled die holder.

View the full range of compaction simulators and accessories here.

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