High Temperature Corrosion Fatigue

This application requires accurate control of the corrosive gas and shield gas environments, as well as selecting and designing fixtures and instrumentation that will operate and control the system at elevated temperatures in the harsh environment.

Phoenix has designed and built a range of high temperature corrosion fatigue machines to suit this application. The first system was fitted with a traditional three zone split furnace and a silica glass environmental chamber, this included sourcing a material that could handle the high temperatures and the corrosive atmosphere, but was also available in the sizes necessary to machine the environmental chamber end caps.

Further were developed to suit different machine frames and heating options, these include the Phoenix stainless steel chambers with a large viewing window, which can operate with Induction heating or infra-red emitters and the entire chamber is filled with the gas atmosphere.

An alternative design has a smaller silica glass annulus within an external framework that holds infra-red emitters for heating. This framework can be modified to hold different infra-red assemblies to suit varying specimen geometries or instrumentation, whilst minimising the amount of corrosive gas required at the sample.

PD can also be fitted to the corrosion test systems if required.

View the Cranfield University case study here.

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