High Temperature Corrosion Fatigue - Cranfield University

The technical requirements included a 100kN load capacity machine, fitted with an environmental chamber to allow the testing in a corrosive gas environment at up to 1000°C, strain measurement using an extensometer and access to video the fatigue sample during the test. This all had to fit in a concrete bunker with limited head room.

The end caps for this chamber were designed to allow the main gas atmosphere in the centre of the chamber, a secondary shield gas annulus, access for extensometry and sample mounting but be able to be sealed, and all to operate at high temperatures. Seals for the chamber were selected to be hard enough to withstand the temperatures, but soft enough to form a gas tight seal.

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"Phoenix worked with us to design and build a system, including a high temperature environmental chamber that meets all of our challenging and specific testing needs”

Dr Simon Gray
Research Fellow in Coating Technology
Cranfield University

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