High Temperature and Environmental Systems

Phoenix places a high emphasis on developing the test machines and equipment needed to support the requirements of the industries that we support.

In order to deliver the necessary innovation and technology, Phoenix dedicates significant time and resources to the research and development of new, accurate and versatile, high temperature and environmental systems.

Phoenix specialises in the accurate measurement and control of complex environments. Our systems are equipped with the latest sensors for the control and measurement of temperature, pressure, atmosphere, force and strain, combined with the Alpha Digital Control System's 20kHz control loop rate, we offer accurate and reliable closed loop control of all the key test parameters.

Where Phoenix develops new software and instrumentation the Phoenix Materials Testing Laboratory is used to extensively test and refine the performance prior to commercial release, this can also be used to demonstrate and discuss capabilities and requirements with customers.

Examples of products that have been developed as part of Phoenix’s focus on High Temperature and Environmental Testing, especially on small samples:

  • Phoenix ETMTS (see data sheet)
  • Bench Top test machines
  • Environmental Chambers
  • Small Punch Creep and Fatigue systems
  • Thermo Mechanical Fatigue fixtures and controls
  • Creep and Stress Rupture / Hydrogen Embrittlement machines
  • PD measurement and control systems

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