High Performance Machines

Whilst Phoenix designs and builds a lot of systems where very small displacements are required and measured, we can also build systems where large displacements at high frequencies are required, for example testing of coil and leaf springs for the automotive and transport industry.

This 200kN system was built with a hydraulic power pack delivering 210litres per minute at 28MPa, and a dual surface area actuator to meet a performance criteria of ±72mm at 4Hz on the low load area of the actuator.

In addition to high frequencies, Phoenix offers systems where a very high rate of movement is required for a single test (high rate / single shot), including 7ms-1 for the 2kN Bench Top Test Machine, and over 15ms-1 for a 50kN test machine.

One of the key requirements for a high rate machine is accurate control of the system to enable it to stop at the target displacement or load. The Phoenix Alpha control system has a control loop rate of 40kHz giving it the best high rate control available.

Find out about the Forge Simulator Phoenix built for the AFRC Catapult centre at Strathclyde University.

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