Forge Simulator - Strathclyde University

In 2012 Phoenix successfully bid to design and build the prestigious Forge Simulator for the AFRC Catapult centre linked to Strathclyde University.

The specification for performance was challenging in terms of both the mechanical build and electronic and software controls. The requirements included a frame with 500kN load capacity, displacement speeds of up to 5ms-1, ability to stop the test within 0.5mm of target height on samples 18mm tall, testing up to 1150°C.

Phoenix designed and built The Phoenix Forge Simulator, incorporating a unique mechanical design to give the desired force and speed performance without sacrificing control, purpose written control software to allow the system to follow the command profile at varying temperatures and material compliances, and a purpose built  environmental chamber and test fixtures.

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"Phoenix successfully fulfilled the demanding tender criteria to deliver a unique high performance forge simulator”

Dr. Paul L. Blackwell, C.Eng., C.Sci,
MIMMM,Director of Engineering,
Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC)
University of Strathclyde

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