Testing in Controlled Environments (Environmental Testing)

As well as designing and building high performance environmental chambers, we also offer environmental testing as a service. Customers often require materials testing that replicates a range of "in service” environments and temperatures, as these factors can affect the failure of the sample. Our chambers are extremely versatile and allow us to carry out tests in a variety of conditions.

A Range of Environments

Our materials testing laboratory is equipped with chambers and environmental controls that allow us to test samples under vacuum, or in various inert or corrosive gas environments. We also offer humidity-controlled testing and our latest environmental chambers are designed to withstand pressures of up to 100 bar.

In terms of temperatures, we can test samples at up to 2000°C, with different heating methods to suit the sample geometry, material and test specifications.

A Range of Tests

The flexibility of our chambers, combined with the specialist instrumentation and controls, mean that we can perform a number of different tests under controlled temperature and environmental conditions mentioned above.

These include:

  • TMF (thermo mechanical fatigue)
  • Strain controlled testing (static and fatigue)
  • Non-contact temperature control using thermography and pyrometry
  • Potential Drop (PD) Crack propagation
  • Three- and four-point bend
  • Fatigue (HCF, LCF, customer specific profiles)
  • High rate tensile and compression
  • If you’re in need of our environmental testing services or need more information, please get in touch.

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