Environmental Chambers

Phoenix designs and builds high performance Environmental Chambers for a range of applications.

With many of our customers looking at the individual and combined effects of various environments and temperatures on failure, it is vital that an environmental chamber is versatile enough to accommodate all of your testing needs.

The Phoenix Environmental Chambers can be retrofitted to existing Phoenix machines, or any other make of test machine frame. They can be supplied with the necessary heating, environmental controls and accessories, or designed to work with existing customer equipment.

Using our temperature controlled test chambers you can test under vacuum, inert gas, corrosive gas and oxygen enriched atmospheres, including humidity control.

The same overall chamber body can be used for the full range of conditions, the front door, seals and viewing ports may vary to support different atmospheres or non-contact measuring devices, i.e. thermal imaging requires a different type of glass to a DIC system.

The Phoenix chambers are equipped with lead throughs and ports to accommodate strain measurement, pyrometry, LVDTs and PD (crack propagation) systems.

The high temperature loading bars can be supplied with adapters to accept a full range of sample grips including 3 and 4-point bend, CT, LCF, HCF and bespoke customer design. The grips are suitable for tension, compression and through zero testing.

If you have specific requirements, such as the angles you wish to view a sample under test using DIC, Phoenix can review the design accordingly.

The chambers are designed to work at temperatures up to 2000°C, they can be supplied with different heating systems to suit your testing requirements.

The chamber is built with integral water cooling galleries to prevent the chamber body from getting hot when testing at elevated temperatures.

If rapid sample cooling is required the loading bars can work with hollow samples to allow forced cooling (air or water) through the sample.

Phoenix has a new range of chambers designed to test at elevated pressures (up to 100bar).

If you have an environmental testing requirement and would like any further information or advice, please contact us.

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