Environmental Chamber New Design - University of Bristol

Phoenix is delighted to have spent six months working with the University of Bristol's Structural Integrity Group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, to provide a newly designed 10kN Bench Top Test Machine and environmental chamber, which has a window in the top of the environmental chamber.

The University of Bristol works closely with Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (an existing Phoenix customer and partner) and was introduced to Phoenix at a CCFE workshop.

Our six-month partnership has led to the innovative new in-house design. The University of Bristol team needed the ability to add an additional window at the top of the environmental chamber so that the research team had the flexibility to use DIC on samples from above as well as the option to view from the front and sides. Our new design means that customers can now measure the sample deformation on ring samples from above as part of gathering the desired data from R&D testing.

Tom Batham, the Production and Design Manager from Phoenix says: "This has been an exciting project for our team of engineers to work on and we are delighted with the result for the University of Bristol. It gives them additional scope in their R&D work on new nuclear fusion reactors with CCFE. We are extremely proud of our team and their ability to stretch the norms of our industry and the capabilities of technology."


"We have enjoyed a very fast response, turnaround and delivery time with our partnership with Phoenix and we have enjoyed working with their team of expert engineers and designers. We had very specific requirements and we work with Phoenix to design a system to meet our needs. We have been able to support our collaborative research with CCFE and we are delighted with the result."

Dr Abdullah Al Mamum
Senior Research Associate
University of Bristol

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