Creep, Stress Rupture and Hydrogen Embrittlement

Phoenix manufactures standard dead-weight creep and stress rupture testing machines up to 100kN capacity, with powered capstan adjustment and automatic lever levelling.

The machines are fitted with either tubular or split three zone furnaces, these can be specified to have operating temperatures of up to 1200°C.

Specimen adaptors are manufactured to suit the customers’ samples.

Strain measurement is an option, the unique Phoenix averaging extensometer is suitable for use on ridged type specimens, for operation up to 1200°C.

The extensometer is supplied complete with transducer conditioning, with digital readout of A, B or A+B/2 to three decimal places. The conditioning unit has output signals available for external monitoring (e.g. data acquisition option).

Data acquisition for the creep test machine can be supplied if required, where multiple creep machines are supplied the data acquisition system can be connected to multiple machines for central data acquisition.

These frames are also suitable for Hydrogen Embrittlement testing.

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