Bench Top Test Machine

The Phoenix hydraulic bench top test machine is ideally suited to Small Sample Testing Techniques, where materials are either in limited supply, very expensive, or have to come from small components in service.

Phoenix has supplied bench top systems for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Corrosion Fatigue testing in the Aerospace sector
  • Small Punch Creep and Fatigue testing for the Nuclear sector

The hydraulic system can operate at frequencies up to 200Hz, at single shot rates of up to 7ms-1 or at very slow speeds and displacements as required for creep testing.

The bench top machines are supplied complete with their own enclosed bench, it is designed to house the control system and air cooled, silent running, hydraulic power pack, making the system self-contained, only requiring connection to the specified mains services.

The Phoenix Bench Top System is available in capacities from 1kN up to 50kN, and can be fitted with the full range of accessories including environmental chambers and instrumentation available to a higher capacity floor standing system.

 This system also suits locations where floor space is limited and users want to get the maximum versatility out of the minimum lab space.

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