Alpha Digital Control System

The Phoenix Alpha Digital Control System and software is fully designed and written in-house.

The data processing uses a National Instruments™ processor giving a control loop rate of 40 kHz, this is the fastest control system available ensuring the most accurate control and best data acquisition rate possible.

The control system is available in single axis, dual axis or multi axis configurations, and offers control and data acquisition.

The Phoenix Alpha Digital Control system can be retrofitted to any make of hydraulic test machine complete with new frame wiring.

The Phoenix software suite includes programmes to allow simple manual control or the ability to write unique and complex test programmes for R&D testing.

The Phoenix software suite includes:

Virtual Control Panel (VCP)

The VCP gives the user complete control of the Alpha Digital Control System and is the interface with all other software programs from the software range.

The software enables simple set up, by use of mouse or keyboard, of constant amplitude testing in three modes, load, stroke (extension) and strain.

The VCP has menus for function generator, limits and trips, cycle counter, gain settings and event actions.

Macro Language

The Phoenix Macro Language is a powerful software program that enables the user to construct complex test routines by expressing the test as a concise sequence of ‘English-Like’ instructions, this allows the Phoenix engineer to write a test program to suit the exact specification of the customers' test.


To the requirements of the latest BS ISO tensile test specifications that require strain rate control from an extensometer.

The program also allows for operation without the use of an extensometer. Full graphical and calculation of results are printed out after completion of the test, including automatic marking of the yield point.

Profile Builder

The control system is supplied with standard waveforms as described below, the Profile Builder program allows the operator to create customs waveforms in load, displacement, strain or temperature control.

Waveforms can also be imported from external programs such as Excel or Word.

Waveforms included as standard

  • Sine, haversine
  • Triangle, havertriangle
  • Square, haversquare
  • Single and dual ramp


The Phoenix TMF program is written to comply with the latest ISO TMF standard, with the addition of modification enabling the flexibility needed to carry out tailored TMF research.

The system allows fully integrated/synchronised control of the heating channel to allow in phase/out of phase stress/heating cycles to be applied.

The TMF programme includes a fully automated temperature compensation routine using either real time temperature or angle of the waveform being run.

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