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Do you have a non-standard, complex or extreme testing requirement? Whatever your testing need, Phoenix will work with you to deliver a solution that fits your specification.

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With a wealth of experience in every aspect of test machine design and development Phoenix leads the way in specialist test applications for a diverse range of industries, from Aerospace and Pharmaceutical, to Automotive and Nuclear research as well as leading UK Universities closely linked with these sectors.

Specialising in materials testing technology, Phoenix offers expert consultancy and a complete end to end service; from bespoke design, manufacture and installation of machines and control systems, to ongoing support and UKAS calibration, refurbishment and re-purposing of existing equipment. The specialist in-house, sub-contract, UKAS accredited materials testing lab allows us to collaborate fully with our customers, offering ongoing development of testing techniques and technologies to suit their requirements, as well as added capacity for sub-contract overflow or bespoke work.

Within the R&D arena, Phoenix actively leads and supports the evolution of knowledge and testing technology by combining Research and Development with the commercial requirements of our customers.

After decades of experience in designing, building and supporting test machines, Phoenix identified a gap in the sub-contract testing market between ongoing academic research and independent test houses. We now support large, government backed test programmes as well as testing to prescribed international standards.

The Phoenix Materials Testing Laboratory can support unique or low volume tests, designed and carried out to genuinely reflect the customer application, including elevated temperatures and different environments. Our UKAS flexible scope allows us to carry out tests to customers’ requirements, providing a UKAS certificate for the results that are within our scope of accreditation.

Some Phoenix customers enjoy 360° support, where we provide extra capacity or specialist sub-contract testing, design and build of test machinery and fixtures for expansion of their own in house capabilities, and ongoing maintenance and calibration of new or existing machinery.


"Phoenix has offered us all round support, from servicing and calibrating our in-house equipment, to designing and building machines that comply with the new industry test standards, as well as carrying out sub-contract testing that allowed us to maintain our product accreditation”

Stuart Ramella
Technical Manager
Polypipe Civils

Phoenix Environmental Thermal Mechanical Testing Systems (ETMTS)

High temperature environmental testing is an area that is currently of huge interest to some key sectors, such as Nuclear and Aerospace, as they endeavour to replicate accurate service conditions for materials and components, to decouple and quantify the effects of different thermal and environmental effects on failure. The materials undergoing these tests - including metals, composites and ceramics - are usually expensive and in short supply, therefore the test samples are increasingly small in size.

As new materials are developed that are extremely strong and designed to work in very hot and harsh environments, the equipment needed to test their performance must be even better than these new super materials. We place a lot of emphasis on developing the test machines and technology needed to support the requirements of the industries we work with.

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Providing top quality, fully traceable, testing, design, manufacturing and support services.


Are you an engineer looking for a new opportunity? Do you have a passion for developing new and innovative technology?

At Phoenix we welcome engineers from mechanical, electronics, hydraulic and software backgrounds to work together in a varied and challenging workplace, to deliver the highest quality of next generation test machines and systems to our customers throughout the world.

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