Phoenix Innovation Centre

Phoenix Innovation Centre works in partnership with customers who are looking to offer a new material, product, test method or manufacturing process and need expert consultancy, partners and support.

Our team has the required skills, capability and expertise to help you to deliver your new projects and innovations.

Phoenix Innovation Centre is part of the Phoenix group within the Rubery Owen Holdings Materials Testing Division

As a UK-based SME*, our objective is to work in partnership with customers who are:

  • Developing new products or materials and want to characterise the properties or performance
  • Needing to get real life data and information about their manufacturing process and product performance for computer modelling and design
  • Looking to understand, quantify and control the impact of production on the final material and product performance, in line with Industry 4.0 and the automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies
  • Facing a new or challenging test requirement 

Phoenix Innovation Centre has been set up to offer the following services:

  • Consult with and support customers who want to validate and qualify new materials and products, or manufacturing processes, to explore feasibilities and develop prototype test methods
  • Offer expert consultancy on how a measurement, control and validation challenge can be addressed
  • Design miniaturised, self-contained, embedded, non-contact and wireless, instrumentation and sensors
  • Collaborate on new test techniques and equipment
  • Develop and validate new enabling technologies to support Industry 4.0
  • Bridge the gap between the final product performance and the manufacturing process
  • Environmental testing
    • Elevated temperatures
    • Wide temperature ranges (-30°C up to 1600°C)
    • Inert gases
    • Corrosive gases
    • Vacuum
    • Elevated pressures (up to 100bar)
  • Small sample testing – small punch creep and fatigue, micro samples

Innovate UK Collaboration Projects

Phoenix is actively engaged in a number of Innovate UK collaboration projects, we feel that this is an ideal platform to drive innovation through collaborative projects and knowledge transfer between sectors. As an independent, UK-based SME that is focussed on innovation and developing new technologies, Phoenix makes an ideal Innovate UK collaboration partner.

PhD Students

Phoenix has a strong relationship with many UK universities carrying out new and complex testing. The Phoenix Innovation Centre (PIC) is an ideal environment to develop that further by enabling PhD students to work at PIC, alongside our expert engineers, to develop and complete the practical aspect of their research, followed by the theory and write up at University.

The Phoenix Group

Phoenix Innovation Centre Ltd is partnered with Phoenix Materials Testing Ltd within the Rubery Owen Holdings Materials Testing Division. The two businesses are complimentary but have a slightly different focus.

Phoenix Innovation Centre develops and validates new instrumentation or test equipment; once a product, instrument or test is proven and validated this can be manufactured, or offered as a sub-contract facility, by Phoenix Materials Testing Ltd.

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