Environmental Chambers

Phoenix designs and builds environmental chambers to fit into any make of machine frame. The chamber will allow tests to be conducted in a range of environments, including corrosive gas, inert gas and vacuum, at temperatures up to 2000°C.

The Phoenix chambers are manufactured from stainless steel and can be fitted with either a toughened glass panel, or a smaller quartz viewing port if thermal imaging cameras or additional pyrometers are to be used.

The chambers are designed for ease of use, a hinged front door will allow the operator to easily swap samples between tests. The door is fitted with a double seal to prevent gas escaping during the test, and provide a positive gas shield as required if testing using corrosive gases.

In addition to the environmental chamber, Phoenix can supply high temperature loading rods with inbuilt cooling channels where required. Where a pyrometer is fitted this is permanently installed into the side of the chamber.

Lead throughs are fitted in the back of the chamber for instrumentation such as thermocouples, PD connections etc. These can be blanked off when not required.

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Additional ports are fitted on the base, rear and top of the Phoenix chambers to allow maximum flexibility when combining the chamber with external devices such as vacuum pumps or inert gas backfill (purge).

Phoenix chambers have been supplied to customers carrying out tests for applications in the Aerospace, Nuclear and Forging sectors.

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